Ode to Enlightenment in This Life

一世成佛頌 Ode to Enlightenment in This Life
By Chan Master Wu Jue Miao Tian / Translated to English by Ronald

Delusional sentient beings
With unending desires
Become entangled in the perpetual cycle
Of birth and death.

To cease reincarnation,
Let wisdom unfold
From the practice of Chan Ding
With a heart of the Dharma.

To witness the Truth,
Seek first an enlightened teacher.
Dedicate wholeheartedly,
Once an enlightened teacher is met.

Enlightened teacher’s indescribable Dharma
Purifies all karma,
Transforms knowledge to wisdom,
Mortals to saints.

The ultimate Dharma
Consists not of learning or chanting,
Efforts just as vain
As fishing in the air.

Treasure of Buddha and Dharma,
The cornerstone of enlightenment;
Enlightened teacher,
The facilitator of instant awakening.

An awakened heart to the Dharma
Can fulfill all encounters,
Complete all endeavors,
Handle well all objects,

And attain all-round perfection.
With universal wisdom in its formlessness,
And our body as its vehicle,
Achieve enlightenment in this life.


New Taiwan Academy Website

Check out the new Taiwan Academy website! I contributed to the translation under the Taiwan/Sinology Studies tab.

Taiwan Academy — e-Learning Portal for Chinese Education

The newly established website Taiwan Academy is an online portal to learning the Chinese language (traditional characters), discovering the Chinese heritage such as historical stories, and travel information to Taiwan to experience the Chinese culture first-hand!

Poem: To Friends Far Away

To Friends Far Away

How are you?

We are fine.

Although busy at times with the baby,

We are adapting to it quickly.

Our work is fine —

It gives us freedom in time,

Ideal for this period of time.

When the child grows older,

We will take him back to see friends

Or to explore the expansive lands.

Taiwan is too small,

After all.

(Partly for child’s education,

And partly through inspiration,

I have grown a fetish

For poetry.)

Song: Wonderland

I wrote a song for my infant son. It’s called Wonderland.



I sing a song to you my little baby

You look so happy with the melody


You sing a song to me my loving Daddy

I am gonna be your healthy boy


We fly fly fly fly to wonderland

We play play play play a fun fun game

We go go go to the far far end

We come come come back to sweet home yeah!


I sing a song to you my little baby

You reciprocate with a hug and smile


You sing a song to me my loving Mommy

I am gonna be your caring boy

Uncle Clay’s: A Taste of Pure Aloha

Recently I made an investment in what I believe an expanding and exciting business. The reason is that I share their vision (Pure Aloha) and my close friend, an avid social entrepreneur, is a business partner. He is also a Pure Aloha ambassador who co-wrote this beautiful piece of Pure Aloha Oath:

To allow others to learn a little bit more about why I invested, I shared some words that I thought potential supporters would be interested to know:

Building a for-profit business with a selfless intention is not easy, and is rare. But Uncle Clay’s Pure Aloha realizes that the juxtaposition of “for-profit” and “selflessness” is powerful, creates a win-win situation, brings happiness to people while making a living, and is the most crucial ingredient for the success of next-generation businesses. With the right people with the right mindset, great skills, and incredible passion, Uncle Clay’s Pure Aloha is going to share its revenues as well as happiness and inspiring stories along the way. Today, I am delighted to support the efforts (building the House of Pure Aloha) that will lay the foundation for a great business to come.

To know more about this business, check out uncle clay’s: a taste of pure aloha.

Hear Me (2009)

Our friend recommended this movie to us, and we just watched it on YouTube. Hear Me is a 2009 Taiwanese movie with a theme and setting perfect for the year when Taipei hosted the 2009 Deaflympics. The movie is beautiful, moving (we cried), and entertaining (we laughed). Set in Taipei, the movie honestly presents the local life and culture through the street shots, scooters, lunch boxes, etc., and also the reservedness, shyness, tactfulness, friendliness, kindness,… and other characteristics of the culture. The beautiful sign language is a significant part of the movie, so a lot of time we need to watch the subtitles ourselves too.

Watch on YouTube in eleven segments, starting with this one (the rest will show up automatically on YouTube):

Hear Me [Movie] – English Sub [1/11]

Hope you will like it as much as we do.

“Love and dreams are miraculous. They don’t need to be heard, said, or translated.”