About This Place

This place collects posts from the bottom of my heart. Since Chan (Zen) is a way of life, I have many things to share from the everyday experience. I say them with a sincere heart and mind. I invite you to read, with an open heart, mind, and perspective. Hopefully you will find new perspectives and angles to life here. If you find anything useful or helpful, please share with your friends or try to apply it to your daily life. After all, Chan is not about what you read or study, but what you practice and witness. A lot of stuff here are very practical. I hope you enjoy your time here.


4 Responses

  1. Brother Ron I did not know you had a blog as well. Hen Hao, I will list it on my links.

  2. ^_________________^ I know your blog and I love reading it too. Very nice.

  3. 您好:有一份佛較翻譯的工作想與您聯繫, 若目前可以接案,是否方便給我個訊息, 感謝

  4. 佛教 (此行的最大忌諱應是錯字吧)

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